Finding it Difficult to Complete Your Book? Start Here

For any author who wants to start writing a book, the real challenge is to get started. We often have a lot of great ideas but we don’t know in what order to place them. We constantly postpone our writing projects which, eventually, never come to fruition. If this is your situation, you may need help. You can hire a ghostwriter to help you complete your book.

The first step however is to ditch procrastination, and decide that you would be doing this. Start right here to find the motivation that you need. No more procrastination, we give you all the advice you need including tips and tricks that can help you start writing your novel, business book, memoir, children book, or other book, and finish it! Whether you are halfway through or on the first page, now is the time to complete that book. And, you can do this!

Where Do I Start To Write A Book?

Before you even type the first word on your computer keyboard, there are some essential points to think about. Once you have thought about all of these, you will have a clearer mind so that you can start writing your novel.

Choose Your Genre
The first and most important point is to define the kind of book you want to write. Science fiction? Memoir? Biography? What you decide to do depends of course on your ideas, your inspiration, your preferences, but also on the types of books that you are used to reading.

If you’re into fantasy, you may have a hard time knowing the “codes” of a detective story. Of course, that shouldn’t block you either: great books mix different genres successfully. Do not forget to think about the audience you want to reach: children, young adults, people who are passionate about Sci-Fi?

Determine Your Point Of View
The choice of narrator is essential because it is he who breathes the rhythm into the story and who directs the intrigue. Basically, you can choose between three main types of narrators:

✓The first-person POV. He is often the main character in your novel. We discover the story through his subjective point of view and opinions.

✓The third-person POV. In this case, you use the 3rd person singular to describe the actions of the characters. The third-person narrator is omniscient, so you can disclose any information you think is relevant to the reader, without the characters necessarily being aware of it.

✓The multiple person POV. In some novels, the person in charge of the narration changes with each chapter, passing each time to a different character. It is a good solution to have a rich and complex plot, but be careful not to confuse the reader.

Create Your Characters

The characters are truly the soul of the novel. Start by creating convincing heroes and characters and the rest of the plot will fall in place with minimal effort. To create awesome characters, you can try to make a small descriptive card for each:

✓What does the character look like?
✓What are his or her character traits?
✓What is his past?
✓What are his motives?

You will have to bring your readers into your imagination when you start writing your book. Then think about the relationships between your characters and how they interact with each other.

Define The Main Lines
To start writing an effective novel, you actually have to start at the end. How is your story going to end? The outcome is all the more crucial when it comes to a thriller for example. No matter what kind of book you are writing, determine what you want your readers to take away from it before you begin. Be clear about how your story and your book will end.

Once you have found your end, you can focus on the beginning. The outlines of your novel will then be drawn naturally. Try to be as specific and structured as possible when preparing the outline of your story and divide it into chapters.

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Take steps right now to complete that book!

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