Hiring Guide for Businesses Post COVID19

In a recent blog post, we discussed how to reposition your business to achieve success as the economy is set to reopen. With the strategies that we unveiled, your business should be in good shape despite the scars that COVID intended to create.

But then, have you thought about the hiring process?

Maybe you should.

In recent weeks, loosening restrictions on mobility and economic activity have allowed many companies to rethink the hiring process. Small, medium-sized, and big businesses have begun to consider whether the conventional hiring process is worth its acclaimed significance. Should we be going for remote, contractual, or full-time workers? Depending on what we do, is it possible to incorporate professionals into the process? In fact, what level of experience should these professionals have? These are all the questions that arise in the time of COVID.

The fact is that the recruitment and selection processes will have to adapt to a reality that is far from the usual. This requires taking essential precautions. This is precisely why we think that you might need a guide. Once the pandemic is over and businesses are running again, our recruitment models might have to take a new shape.

Follow our tips to recruit new talent the right way!

You Need To Go Digital

At this point, it can hardly be argued that the future of recruiting is digital. The hiring process now employs new technologies and will continue to do so. Digital tools have already proven their usefulness in closing more successful and satisfying hiring processes for all parties.

They have also become an indispensable resource for selecting and screening resumes, communicating with candidates, conducting interviews, and preparing and submitting reports and evaluations.

Correctly Define The Jobs To Be Filled

This suggestion is not exactly innovative. One of the keys to successfully closing any selection process is defining the characteristics of the jobs that should be filled and the exact number of slots available.

This need is even more urgent in the current circumstances since the margin of error of companies has been reduced considerably. To get the best talent on your team, you need to be swift in your hiring procedure. That includes defining the job roles correctly.

Wait For The Right Moment

There are many incentives to proceed with hiring as soon as possible. Many companies are eager to recover lost time and take the initiative of hiring the best talents in their respective sectors.

Yet, the current situation requires businesses to be cautious about launching extensive selection processes. Are you sure that the estimated volume of business justifies the specified number of job roles you want to fill? Are the profiles that the company needs available on the market? What labor costs is your business willing to assume to cover some of its exclusive responsibility in the industry? Talent is a crucial part of your business branding. You need to recruit the best talent available to position your business in your sector correctly.

The advice above is not an invitation to inaction but a simple reminder that hiring cannot be done hastily or thoughtlessly. On the flip side, if the desirable conditions exist to proceed with the recruitment, it should not be missed.

It is expected that many companies will take advantage of the coming weeks to undertake significant hiring procedures and recover as soon as possible. Companies want to improve and reach their volume of activity before the covid-19 pandemic. The temptation is to get the best talents on the team as soon as possible.

This trend will be observed, especially in management positions and in more specific profiles. Job seekers will have a wide selection of companies to choose from. Creating a great image of the employer brand will be vital to attracting the best talent. Thus, business branding is something that you should incorporate right now.

Have A Reopening Strategy
Likely, companies are not yet operating at full capacity and are trying to recover part of their workforce. Indeed with the adoption of the WFH policy and with reopening just on the horizon, this is undoubtedly the case. The recruitment and selection processes must be included in companies’ reopening strategies. Your business must begin creating a blueprint for how it would approach talent acquisition as it reopens.

This recommendation is particularly useful for businesses in the sectors that have been affected the most — industries such as tourism, hospitality, travel, and leisure. In the more critical cases, any wrong move or lack of coordination between the departments of companies in these industries can cause more disruptions than is expected. Now while we are out of the office but planning to get back into it is the time to make these decisions. It would help if you began to create business branding strategies that will avert such disruptions.

Preserve Security In The Company

All the recommendations above are subject to a maxim that cannot be abandoned. It is the fact that as long as the disease is not eradicated or an effective vaccine made available, you should preserve company safety.

Having action protocols in case of detecting infections, or preventive measures to minimize the risk of contracting the disease in the company’s facilities can become arguments to improve the ability to attract your business’ next talent.

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