Why You Need An Editor For Your Book

And that’s it; you’ve just completed your book! Your novel, business book, self help book or other nonfiction work is ready, finally. CONGRATULATIONS! But to say the reality, your book is not done yet. If you are through with the background work, you still have to refine its shape. You have to edit your book. You need to find a book editor.

This will save you a lot of cost later on. You certainly do not want readers leaving bad reviews on your book. In fact, you are trying to do the opposite which is to get them talking about your book. You want them to tell all their friends and families and use word of mouth marketing to get your book to a larger audience. You guessed right. Only an editor and a professional editorial service can help you make that happen. Before you think about publishing your book, you must consult an editor.

In this blog post, we would be exploring why you need an editor. You will get to learn what a book editor does and why you should hire a book editor.

It is imperative to make your manuscript as attractive as possible before publishing your book. The precise way to do that is by editing your book. Editing would polish your book by refining your vocabulary and making your writing grammatically sound. If there are spelling and grammar mistakes that skipped you in the writing process, be sure that an editor would take care of them. Your editor is also a professional eye going through your book. You can usually differentiate a well edited book from one that was not properly edited. Let’s take a look at more book editor benefits.

Do It For Your Readers

Editing also helps your readers get the best out of your book. Where there are mistakes of all kinds in the book, reading would be impeded. Your readers would not enjoy your book. A professional editor can fine-tune the narrative flow of your book and adjust its plot development to fit into the expected standards of books in that genre. An editor can make your book more suspenseful and attention grabbing so that your readers stick around until the end of the book. If there is a reason to hire a book editor, it is the fact that your reader will thank you for it. You wrote it for them, didn’t you?

Readers have continued to explain that faults present in a book prevented them from delving further. Where they tried a little harder, their reading is impeded and they do not stick with the book long enough to learn the message the writer is passing across. Editing can correct the situation. An editorial service like what we offer at Prudent Pens can make your book engaging and can turn it into a professional read that makes your readers ask for more.

Publishers Need You To Grab Their Attention Too

The responsibility of churning out good books is not that of publishers alone. You have got to submit a manuscript that is worth the publisher’s time. No one wants to put efforts into a book that isn’t worth it in the long run. And there is good reason for that. Publishers receive a lot of manuscripts. Large publishing houses receive as much as three thousand to six thousand manuscripts yearly. In such circumstances, it is both logical and smart to do the best you can on your book before handing it out. The brightest way to do this is by hiring an editorial service that would exceed your goals. Book editors can make your book shine. They do this all the time.

Consider the fact that manuscripts with errors are automatically discarded when they get to the publisher. Editing is the stage of the book publishing process that prevents your manuscript from being thrown out at stage one. Of course, publishers have in-house editors but a manuscript that wasn’t edited before getting submitted will never make it to that editor’s desk.

Besides editing itself is a process. If you want your book to go through all the stages in getting polished, you have to hire a book editor.

It’s not uncommon to find mistakes in manuscripts. That’s not something to be ashamed of but you should get an editor to make your book spotless. You should find a book editor to help you refine your book and make it the best that it can be. An editor will exceed your expectations because correcting grammar and spelling mistakes is just the first step in the process. Consulting with a professional editorial service will help you attain perfection with your manuscript.

What Should You Look Out For In The Editing Process?

Your objective with the editing process should be to have an eye that is both neutral and objective. You want someone who is unfamiliar with your book’s narrative and who can identify errors that can skip the most careful of readers or writers. You may have read your manuscript a thousand times but it is entirely possible to have errors lurking in it. You may even be unsure of the correctness of some parts of your work, or you may not know that something in particular is an error. Editors are up to date with developments and trends in the literary world including changes in grammar rules, sentence structure, literary devices, and much more. By being up to date with what is acceptable, an editor can bring your book up to industry standard. That is certainly something you wouldn’t want to allow pass when it comes to your work.

You also want your editor to give you constructive comments that point you in the direction that your work should go while pointing out why this should be the case. This means that you need an editor that cares about the effort that you have put into your writing and that is trustworthy. The objective shouldn’t be just to correct your manuscript with words underlined in red but to make your writing better and to involve you in the process. You also want to know what changes were made, where those changes were made and what you should improve.

Your editor should correct grammatical blunders and words that are used inappropriately. Your editor should carry you along so that you are able to quickly hand in your input where they think that the plot needs a new direction. You do not want them to change the whole story without your consent. A professional editor knows that seeking your consent in such circumstances is the precise thing to do and would likely suggest it to you.

The sharp eye of a professional editor is the best way to make your book publication ready. A professional editorial service can identify inconsistencies in the plot of your book, possible anachronisms, too many repetitions or slightly “heavy” turns, and so much more. Editing your book correctly requires expertise.

We offer you that level of expertise at Prudent Pens. Our editing professionals and book editors offer you a range of editing services and book editor benefits that are adapted to your needs and your budget. Reach out to us to get started working on your project.

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