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There’s no better time than right now to BLOSSOM!

With the tumultuous experiences of 2020, it is easy to feel at our lowest and to think that the road ahead is bleak.

The truth is that a lot of people get to bloom when things are tough. Global, national, and personal economies may or may not experience a landslide. It is the same with your personal development, self care, and improvement too. Are you blossoming or are you slipping away?

What do you need to stay on top of your energy?!

We think it’s a good time to start these conversations. And so, we are unveiling our digital magazine: BLOSSOM.

BLOSSOM is a bi-annual publication that would be available for free downloads on our website. It would cover self care, mental health, personal finance, and entrepreneurship topics. Every issue will show you how you can BLOSSOM in these areas!! With a mix of ideas from several writers, you would be getting in-depth opinions, advice and tips to hold up against the tide, and get to the other side INTACT.

Are you losing sleep over a business that’s going nowhere, the entrepreneurial column of this magazine may have all the advice that you need.

Want to participate? Send us your entry. Our digital magazine is open to all writers; from poets to proselytes to essayists. Just make sure your writing stays on topic and does not exceed 1000 words. We reserve the right to edit it, and will not accept writing pieces that have been previously published elsewhere. Make sure that your style and tone is uplifting and engaging, as we want to maintain a fun style throughout the magazine. Think about the beauty and hope of flowers blossoming and let your writing exude that.

The first edition of this magazine would be published on November 8, and that would be our only edition for this year!!!

Entry doors are already open, fill the form below to submit your entry into any column of your choice.

The best entries will be published in our maiden edition.

The theme for the edition is:

How We Got Through The Pandemic: Blossoming Out of COVID.

Want to tell your COVID19 and lockdown stories? This is your chance!

Now get writing. Let us know how your mental health sailed through the COVID fiasco. Did you almost lose it? And what about your personal finance, self care, business? Tell us all about it and help other people BLOSSOM through the tide as well. We survived COVID for a reason. Now let’s shine the light.

We can’t wait to read your entries. And for people who are not writers, we can’t wait to unveil our magazine and have you read it!! We hope you BLOSSOM through the rest of the year.

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