Activating Your COVID-19 Writing Motivation

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The world has taken a massive blow from the emergence of COVID-19. Everyone has had a share of suffering and setbacks, including writers. The downside of this is that writers are losing their zeal for creating.

The thing is this: the only thing we all have on our plates right now is time. If you have a book to complete, now is the time to do it! While a lot of people are coronaplaining and keeping tabs on all the things that they have missed like the movies, dates, and so on, the time on our hands is moving away.

Think of this time as a preparative phase for your post-quarantine life. Whatever you do now has a huge effect on how much you would achieve when this is over. Would you rather start over after the quarantine or would you prefer to continue with normal creative life like nothing happened?

Scale up your productivity by getting to work right now! You can get that book done. Here’s how to activate your COVID-19 writing motivation, and get the ball rolling with 2020.

Shift your perspective. If you have a novel in the works, now is the time to get it done. You can start pitching to literary agents and publishers once the quarantine is over. This will take you a step further with your book dreams. If you do nothing however, you will remain where you were before the quarantine began. You can get to pitch your work and even get a big break when submissions are out. You can even opt to use self publishing companies like Prudent Pens to get your message out there. If you continue to coronaplain however, you would be stuck where you are.

We understand that it may be difficult to get started and get working. Your problem may be a lack of motivation because of all that is happening around. You have to look inwards and find the energy that you need to get writing.

Try some of our methods for activating your motivation.

Find Your Muse
Your muse is whatever gets your creative juices flowing. Finding what motivates and inspires you to write is an excellent start to help you begin or complete your works. It might be hard to find your muse but usually, all you have to do is ask yourself what prompted you to be a writer in the first place.

Create and Stick to a Reading List
A writer has to be a reader. Coronavirus is not about to change that. It can be hard. I know that. But you got to do it. Change what you have been reading if they are unmotivating. Find something that has the same theme as your own work and submerge yourself in it. You will get to improve your vocabulary, grammar, flow and language. You will get to become better at your art.

Write about What You Know and Love
If you are starting a new project, go for what you love. Don’t choose a genre or topic because it is trendy. Instead, write what you know and love. Write something that resonates with you and that will resonate with your audience. You do not have to be a fiction writer. There are a whole lot of other genres you can work with such as non-fiction, memoir, and so on. You could even choose to be a playwright or a poet. Make sure that you are working on a genre that you love or your motivation will quickly fade away.

Find Your Moment
We are not all created equal, and different things work for each of us. While some writers get into the zone at night, some work well during the day. Some only write when their favorite music is playing but others cannot work with music. You may find it extremely helpful to write while you are seated or you may prefer to lay on the floor. It’s the same thing with your writing tools. Do you prefer to work with a pen and paper, or are you technology savvy and would rather use a personal computer? You have to find out what works for you and stick to that. Now is particularly the time that you need it the most. Reflect back on the methods that have worked for you in the past, and adopt them right now to improve your results. Similarly, find your moment and stick to it.

Write Down Every Idea
Never consider your ideas as bad. Just write everything. No matter how bad what you write comes out, putting it down is the starting point to creating something spectacular. If you do not like what you have so much, don’t worry, you can always edit it later.

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