Navigating Your Way Through Writer’s Block

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Experiencing writer’s block is one of the inevitable challenges every writer encounters. If you say writer’s block is a flu that affects only writers, you wouldn’t be wrong. The writer’s block affects all writers’ productivity and if you are writing regularly, it could quickly become a cause for concern. Many writers are asking how to get over writer’s block. Well, who else than people who write every day to know how deeply seated this challenge could get? Or what could be done to ease the situation? Along with writer’s burnout, this cliché term can really eat up any writer’s creativity and steal away their productive hours.

What makes writer’s block pan out differently is what you do with it. In this post, we have provided some effective ways with which you can deal with your writer’s block while making the most of your “vacation,” and even in the times after. Here’s how to overcome writer’s block.

Seven Enjoyable Ways To Get Over Your Writer’s Block

Navigating your way out of writer’s block can be enjoyable. Our simple but effective tips can help you recover quickly and get back on track. Remember, you really need to finish that novel, and you have to do it within the milestones and deadlines you have set for yourself. Here’s how you can quickly get back on track.

1. Do Away With All Things Book

So you’re fighting with writer’s block? Then what the hell are you still doing with the pen and paper? C’mon, do away with them. Throw them in the trash, burn them, dispose them. But ensure you wouldn’t need them when you recover.

do away with book

2. Go For A Walk

Who says going for a walk won’t work for any situation you find yourself? Well, this is the first step you should take in your recovery process. This is the first point of call in answering the question of how to overcome writer’s block. Not the fact of the walking itself though but the ease that it brings with it. Go for a walk, explore the woods, go into the city. Walk, walk, walk and walk. Hey! Don’t go too far, or else you come back tired.

3. Stereo On, Volume Up!

Yeah. It’s time for some music. Play your favorite music and dance to it. Who says it’s a crime to put it on repeat? Play your favorite album, track or music collection. Play what helps you heal and enjoy the moment.

Steoreo On

4. Change Your Environment

Yes! You need to. Not only do you need to visit somewhere new, you also need to try writing in a new environment. If you write in your room, then try doing it in the garden this time. If you have a friend in another state, visit them and clear your mind of everything writing for a moment.

5. Do Something You Love

Yeah. I know you love writing, but what other thing do you love? Try biking, running, bungee jumping (but be careful here). Play games and enjoy the moment knowing fully well you wouldn’t allow yourself some fun once you recover.

6. Visit The Movies

What else could beat getting to see a great movie at the cinema? Well, we’ll leave you to answer that. Watching a movie is an effective relaxation technique. See your favorite movie or the latest thriller in town. It could help you regain the lost words in your head.

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7. Take As Much Days As You Want Off

To help you get over writers block, you should leave the words to look after themselves and spend enough time on yourself. Distract yourself with fun activities that would put you back on track. Spending time with a friend who makes you feel good could also be a way to generate some positive vibes for yourself. Enjoy some nice time with that special friend.

Once you are fit to write again, you will feel it in your bones and you will know the pen is ready to rise again. One good way to start is by writing about your experience during your writer’s block.

No wonder, Charles Bukowski once said “Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all.”

So there you go! These tips will help you overcome your writer’s block. We hope you beat it soon.

In the meantime, we are here to take care of your writing needs. Contact us now to keep your projects moving while you try to beat your writer’s block!

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