What You Get in a Quality Publication Service

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As the excitement of writing wanes, you enter a new phase in your writing journey – publishing your work. Considering the effort that you had put into your book, this is not something you want to approach with levity. Of course, most writers wouldn’t. Once you become clear about your publishing path and are certain that you want to self-publish, you want to use a service that has got you covered. Your book will be joining a lot of others in the market and you want it to stand out. The right publication service will take care of these details.

So what should you look out for when obtaining self-publishing assistance? Here are some tips to help you get the best possible service for your book.


From encountering trouble generating your PDF to being unsure how to embed the fonts in your book, self-publishing can be a long windy journey. Perhaps, you are unsure whether your cover has the correct settings for printing. A good publication service as provided by the best self-publishing companies will provide consulting opportunities to help you get on track. The perfect professionals will never take the reviewing process lightly. Before your final files are uploaded or certified great for publication, they would be reviewed to check for font type, cover attractiveness, formatting, size specifications, audience-oriented content, and so on. A great publication service from the best self-publishing companies will provide consulting on these issues and go a step further to reveal hidden specifications that your book may or may not have conformed with.

The right self-publishing consulting service will address your doubts around publication, copyright, promotion, distribution, and so on. That kind of service is what we provide here at Prudent Pens.

Editorial Assisting

A good self-publishing service will cater for editorial assisting. Correcting grammatical errors, developing your plot and characters correctly, and fact-checking are all pivotal to your book’s success. A text with errors will destroy your creative efforts as a writer. Readers and bookstores will notice and reject your work. A quality self-publishing service will do all it takes to make your text shine before unleashing it to the book market.

Cover Design Imput

A book’s cover is its first attraction. Would you notice a book with a poor cover design long enough to want it? Or would a unique and personalized cover appeal to you more? Don’t scare potential readers away with a low-quality cover. The publication service you should go for will have provisions for creating a befiting cover for your book, and will seek your input along the way, prioritizing both your book content and what you want. Quality self-publishing companies have you covered on all fronts. Our expert team knows that your book cover matters. We will create a unique design that grabs your prospective reader’s attention on first contact.

Book Layout

Laying out a book correctly requires composition skills to give it a professional finish. Send us your work to avoid errors such as weak lines, incorrect or badly formatted pages, margins without symmetry, illegible fonts, invalid files in print, and so on.

Synopsis And Author Biography Writing

The synopsis or description is a fundamental tool for making readers interested in your book. It is a short text that summarizes your book’s content with the main objective of motivating sales.

With thousands of books published on different digital platforms, a good synopsis, accompanied by the right keywords, is a must to help your book stand out.

When you hire us, one of our professional editors will be in charge of writing the synopsis of your book and choosing the keywords that best define it so that it is positioned correctly in digital bookstores and can be easily found.

Take The Right Step

Our clients confirm the quality of our work. For many of them, getting the admiration and recognition of readers or of their family and friends was just a dream they did not know if they would ever see fulfilled. With our guidance and professionalism, combined with their enthusiasm and optimism, the dream is now a reality.

The next author to stand out can be you. Contact our self-publishing team today to get started. Can’t get the book idea out of your head? You may need to start with our ghostwriting package. Quality lives here. Let’s get talking already.

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