How Sharing Our Stories Can Revolutionize the World

Happy World Book Day!

In several countries around the world, the reading culture is divergent. While a lot of people idolize books, many people don’t. But what do people who love books and go all out to sustain the literary space see that others don’t? Perhaps, it’s simply the fact that books and reading hold the forte when it comes to sharing our experiences, our projections, our histories, and our hope for the future. A book contains these and more. The literary community around the world has a bond. It is the bond of sharing our stories. And this bond has continued to prove indispensable to advancement of all sorts, in all economies and even in the political landscape.

Let’s examine precisely how this sharing culture can do this.

  • Sharing your story can change your life

Letting others know about an experience can help us process it. Whether that experience is good or bad, when you share it with others, you find the power to go through it with unwavering strength and support. You are suddenly equipped for what you may be going through. Sharing our stories helps us connect in a phenomenal way that moves us forward. Sometimes, that could be moving us forward from pain, disappointment, guilt or other negative emotion. When you tell your story, you become literarily equipped to see the good in it. It’s like they say, “When life throws you lemons, you should make lemonade.” Making lemonade on your own may be hard because this is not just some juice. It is your life. The support of others can make it easier.

  • Sharing your story can change the life of others

There is always someone out there who merely needed to hear your story. The experiences that you accumulate and the pain that you harbor may be someone’s missing anchor for getting on with their lives. By sharing your story, you strengthen someone else and you make their lives better. Your story is strong enough to ignite the flow of positivity that they had always needed to stay moving. When you keep your life’s story to yourself including your accomplishments, your hurts, and your failures, you are doing a disservice to a lot of people.

  • Sharing your story can change the world

There is a world book day because stories have a ripple effect. The story that is shared will reach one person and then another until it changes everyone experiencing its semblance in their lives. When you share your story, you are making big moves that can change the world, one person at a time. Your story sets you free. It gives a potency that you can feel to your recovery. What is more exciting about taking this step however is that it sets others free as well. A lot of global economic and political decisions have been taken based on stories shared at one time or the other. Policies are adjusted when people continue to insist that they are not working. By seeing what is done in another polity, we are often able to make ours better. There is no way to make the world a better place for the common social good of man without a story shared, one person at a time.

That is why on World Book Day, you should ‘Share a million stories!’ Do you have something you believe can be changed for the better? There you are with a unique story. In your own authentic voice, you can tell the world about what burns up within you. Finding your voice may be the hard part. But that’s why we are here to help you.

Stories have a world-changing power. They keep us moving towards betterment because they show us the problem. They also act as guidance for those who are coming behind us. They are capable of revolutionizing the world.

At Prudent Pens, we help people share their stories. We bring your story fantasies to life! Is that burning idea or experience you want to share nagging at your chest? Seek a consultation to tell us all about it. We will document you in your own voice, and you will gain an additional experience that you want to tell everyone about.

Take a moment today to consider that world-changing experience you may have been keeping to yourself. Tell us all about it, and let’s get the word out into the world.

Come Share a Million Stories! It keeps the world going.

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