The Top 5 Productivity Apps We Use

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Life is so fast paced today that we need it regulated. It is commonplace to find that you procrastinate on your goals, and still miss out on quality time with the people you love. You even leave a lot of your business tasks untouched. When this happens, you need to take a look at your routines and get organized. But that is easier said than done.

Our lives are so much easier with productivity apps. As writers and entrepreneurs, we are constantly on the hunt for something that could make our lives run more smoothly. We want to tick off our goals faster. Speaking of which you can get a free 2021 goal calendar from Prudent Pens! We want our clients to be as productive as we are!

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It doesn’t matter what you do really. All of humanity should be thankful for these apps that help us stay organized.

Here are five productivity apps that we use to run our business, and that you could use too! Let us know which ones you will be trying.

Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook is so effective that it is now mandatory for marketing. Having a Facebook page for your business delivers so much more to it. It quickly boosts your social media presence and helps you interact with clients and prospects. But, we all know how time consuming getting on Facebook can be. Distractions are almost attached to the app (and the site) by default. It means then that ensuring that Facebook doesn’t get in the way of your daily work load takes deliberate effort.

How do we make sure we are using Facebook the right way?

We use the Pages Manager!

The Facebook Pages Manager brings all your pages together in one place. It leaves out the other Facebook features including the profile, notifications, newsfeeds, and anything else you do on Facebook that isn’t about your page! So, when you are on the Facebook Pages Manager App, you are able to concentrate on getting things done on your page.

But there is so much more. The Facebook Pages Manager enables you to connect your Instagram page to the app so that you are able to manage Instagram from the app also. You can manage comments and notifications from both your Facebook and Instagram pages in one place.

Google Drive

We use Google Drive to share documents with one another on our team. We are able to work on files together while also saving it directly to the cloud. With Google Drive, clients can also have a look at their files when they are a work in progress and can make inputs such as effecting revisions and edits.

Google Drive also allows us to create folders to keep all files and important documents in one place. The app is very pivotal to preventing loss and provides an instant duplicate of your documents. For a content creation and self publishing company like ours, this is a very important part of staying organized.

Google Meet

We fell in love with Google Meet because of the video quality, ease of use and navigation, and effectiveness of the app. With Google Meet, we can have uninterrupted video calls with our clients and prospects. We also use Google Meet for hosting events. The app helps us stay organized with our meetings and events such as virtual book launches. However, Google Meet isn’t the only video app we love. We are great fans of Zoom and Skype as well, and are never averse to trying new apps that help us connect with our clients.


Canva is a design app that is both widely used and underestimated. For members of the team who are not graphic designers especially our CEO, Canva is a great help. It is easy to use and produces great images in no time at all. Perhaps, the greatest help that Canva hands down to us on our team is with achieving an engaging consistent social media presence.

The Canva app allows you achieve so much more with your digital presence and, depending on how good you become at it, can deliver to you designs that are unique and phenomenal. New designs are uploaded unto the platform on a regular basis. The designs are widely varied and adapted to different platforms and for different uses. They also leave an impression on the viewer that makes them want to learn more.

Check out what our CEO thinks about Canva and let us know if you agree.


Slack is one of our most loved apps. It is so effective for connecting with team members and makes assigning of daily tasks a breeze. With Slack, team members can stay in touch throughout the work day and feel like they are working. Slack has the feel of a virtual workplace and made working from home during quarantine less daunting. If you haven’t tried Slack for your business yet, you may be missing out on some productivity boost.

There are other great productivity apps like Trello, Goals Wizard, Microsoft Outlook, and so on. Which productivity apps do you use to keep your business winning? Which ones on our list would you like to try? Let us know in the comments.

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