Reopening Guide for Businesses Post COVID19

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Coronavirus has forever changed the way we work and live. In the midst of this reality, making decisions seem complex. However complex it feels though, there are some things we cannot shove aside until later. One of such things is preparing adequately for reopening. Businesses are already transformed as it is. It is important to create a safety guide for your business as economies around the world begin to reopen. This guide should include the content marketing strategy that can transform your business and keep your sales funnel working right now.

In this blog post, we would be providing you with tips on how to reopen your business, attract new clients, operate safely, revamp your sales funnel strategy, and increase your sales. Consider this as your reopening guide post COVID19.

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Start Thinking Post-Quarantine World

Add Value As A Company

What is your company doing for your customers right now? How are you helping them? Is your company offering any value? If you want to transform your business post COVID, you must revisit the question of value. You must determine the extent of value that your business provides and how relevant that input is to your target audience. It’s time to do a business analysis before we finally get to the way of work that we were used to. When you know where you stand on the value scale, you have to take action to increase your relevance. You can begin by electing to increase your value delivery. Start by offering or increasing your technical support. Utilize new tools at your disposal to help your customers stay in contact with you and build trust. Activate new customer service procedures. Set up permanent chatbots or chat channels where you can offer assistance. And if you offer all this for free, you will be positioning yourself on the client’s side, and increasing your reputation.

Create Customer Oriented Content

Right now is the time to increase your content creation. You need to employ a content marketing strategy that will bring you new clients while retaining your existing customers. Focus on both generic and specific content. Publish more articles, design new eBooks, and customize your webinars in a way that helps optimize your clients’ strategies. Focus on contributing ideas that help your clients achieve their goals.

While these may seem tedious to accomplish, our experts at Prudent Pens can help you create result oriented content that engages your customers and provides them with value. Focusing on new content creation strategies can help you overcome this crisis and reopen safely because then you will be sure that you are not getting back to a business with no clients. Part of your content creation needs for optimizing sales and marketing your business actively is sharing success stories and experiences with your customers. Content marketing agencies like Prudent Pens can get you back on track. When you work with us, reopening wouldn’t feel like such a weight. With our content creation and marketing strategies, you will achieve increased visibility, audience engagement, and customer retention.

Audit Your Online Strategy

It is time to determine if the model you were following until now was successful and, most importantly, if your company is ready for the challenges that are to come. Will your lead capture model work? Is your sales funnel strong enough to keep you in business? How can you increase your sales? You need to figure out how you will generate more business opportunities with reopening. You should do a business analysis and adopt strategies that can sustain you once the economy is reopened. Create a solid plan that explains how your marketing efforts will be adapted to make them more successful. Consider reviewing your online strategy to determine if it is ready for a post-coronavirus scenario.

Adopt Personalized Email Marketing Strategies

In the current situation, opportunities are going to have to grow in a completely personalized way. Your email marketing strategy must be consistent and you will have to create personalized messages and actions. Define adhoc sequences and marketing emails that are effective and that have an immediate impact while keeping the optimization of the subject, the body, the images and any CTA used. Right now people are more connected than ever: always offer value in your information.

Increase Your Knowledge

There will be no better time to update your knowledge. The offer is huge and the access is more diverse than ever. For example, in LinkedIn Learning alone, there are more than 15,000 courses to hone your skills. There are countless opportunities to change your business narrative. You can find certifications, express training, recorded webinars, free and paid avenues to grow your business. The current moment of uncertainty should serve to prepare you. You should acquire knowledge about new strategies in order to surmount new challenges and stay up to date. It’s your business and you have to put in the work.

Utilizing our business tips outlined above will position you properly for reopening.

If your economy is not on its way to reopening yet, click the “SEND ME MY TIPS” button to get our tips for doing business in a coronavirus tainted world. You can also adopt more effective strategies for working from home here. Learn how to protect your business within the new economy here.

Our content marketing experts can help you revolutionize your business, and create solid strategies that can get you going post COVID. Reach out to us here to design a content marketing strategy that would skyrocket your sales.

At Prudent Pens, we are prioritizing businesses and achieving diversified business success in today’s digital world. Get on board today.


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