How Coronavirus is Changing the World of Work

Coronavirus has found its way into several parts of the world including Italy, Japan, North Korea and the United States with over 100,000 cases across these countries and approximately 3,404 deaths since the first case of COVID19 was reported in Wuhan, China last year’s December.

The rapid spread of this epidemic has planted sacred fear in almost everyone around the world, and precautions are taken to heart to ensure that this virus is contained until its vaccine is produced. In fact, in a recent statement, Israel proposes that its scientists would have a vaccine in 90 days.

While this is a welcome development, every industry and sector is reacting defensively to the invisible and decidedly certain approach of the virus. Holidays are getting cancelled, schools are relocating online, authors are advocating a panic buying approach to books for when we will all be stuck in our homes. Perhaps, we would get stuck in our homes.

In this blog post, we would take a sneak peak into the world of work. If coronavirus is changing everything, work is certainly one of the first places it would touch. Work has assumed an important part of our adult lives, and if COVID19 will be disrupting everything, work would certainly not be left behind. The 21st century proactive approach to work made popular by millennials may become useful to even Gen-Zs in a matter of months or days. Adjustments are already underway.

Here’s how the world of work is reacting to the novel coronavirus.

Companies are encouraging their workers to work from home

Apple Inc. is currently making plans to ensure that its employees in Silicon Valley can work from home as an extra precaution in defence against COVID19. Apple Machine Learning Technology Engineers work in Seattle, which has the most reported cases of COVID19 in the U.S. The company has, therefore, given its workers in Seattle the option to work remotely for their safety.

Facebook has strongly encouraged its employees in Bay area to work from home after cases of Coronavirus were reported. The company’s spokesman, Anthony Harrison, said the decision is to prioritize the well being of their employees and uphold their safety and that of their loved ones. Twitter employees from Bay area have also been told to stay at home and work remotely for the same reasons.

In Italy, schools were shut down and lecturers were told to stay at home and pass lectures and study materials to students through their school websites until March 15. Further precautionary methods taken in Italy include reshuffling football matches. Most of the matches will now be played behind closed doors.

The common stance appears to be that coronavirus may be making remote working trendy. If the situation persists, we may all, soon, have to work from home. Companies that do not have the appropriate technology in place to enable this may crumble. Thanks to Israel and their proactive efforts at getting a vaccine.

Coronavirus is about to turn millions of people into freelancers

Over the course of the coronavirus outbreak, people have become cautious about their movements and many are staying at home more than ever. As a result, employers have been dishing majority of their projects to freelancers just to avoid physical contact. This has created more job opportunities for freelancers and has inspired many to turn to freelancing jobs. Not only has coronavirus improved the e-commerce industry and other online businesses, it has also motivated stauch believers in the 9-5 to try a new approach to work.

Since we may all have to stay at home nonetheless, we may be forced to turn to remote working or freelancing. People who are already used to this model of working stand to gain from the epidemic. Indeed, freelancers’ rates have been on the increase since the outbreak of COVID19. We might just be about to witness a great change throughout the world of work due to this virus.

Coronavirus might bring the work of Creatives to limelight

With the model of work changing, Creatives might get noticed along the way. There may be a continual need for their work as employers try to keep their companies afloat. More than ever, employers would be needing people who can work without distractions or amidst the distractions from their homes and still produce great results. There is no other class of people that can get this done than the creative community. With the office doors closed, the content creation needs of employers would skyrocket. Good content will remain the only means of communicating with their clients and attracting new clients. If companies must stay ahead of the competition and beat the new form of recession that coronavirus may introduce in the long run, they must not disregard their content creation needs. They must constantly seek the best way to stay in touch with their customers while running their businesses like a pro.

This is where content creation companies like Prudent Pens come in. With our wealth of experience, we know how to keep you on top of your clients’ minds when they need a service that you provide. Although they would be unable to run to your office when they need your service, they can stay interested and be reassured of your ability to provide them with the best, right where they are. You need to be able to communicate this to them effectively.

At Prudent Pens, we have got all the tools you need to stay on top of the evolving trends, and to maintain the value that you offer your clients. Coronavirus may keep you at home as it would your clients, but with our help, you would feel only inches apart. You would get your clients hooked and nail new prospects without a hassle. Coronavirus may be disrupting the world of work, but for businesses who acquire the right tools, it may just be showing you a new and more effective way to work.

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Stay Safe! But also, stay winning in the world of work!

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