Tips For Striking A Healthy Deal With Your Ghostwriter

A ghostwriter is a writing professional hired by an author, a company or any other individual to write a text on any subject and structure without receiving public recognition for it. His most popular works include novels, nonfiction work like self help, personal development, business books, personal finance, and autobiographies, but ghosts also write short stories, email copies, articles and blogs, and so on. As a general rule, they remain absolutely anonymous. At most, they can appear as a collaborator.

Before you hire a ghostwriter, you need to ensure that you are having an expert do your writing. This is important for the success of your book and other writing project.

Do you want a professional ghostwriter to handle your book? Here are tips to ensure you get the best out of your project.

Include an anti-plagiarism clause in your contract with the ghostwriter. This will act as a guarantee that the content produced is 100% original. Failure to do so could come with an image-tarnishing consequence. So make the clause available in the agreement.

Do not forget the confidentiality contract for anything in the world. What makes ghostwriting different from other types of writing is the anonymity of the ghostwriter. You should hire a professional ghostwriter who understands this.

Have an in-depth discussion with your ghostwriter that provides some clarity as to your style, what you would like to communicate in your book and how, details of the plot and characters, your nuances and every other thing you regard as important. It is very essential that you state all the details clearly during your initial interactions with your ghostwriter. Do not forget to clearly state your plot so that the ghostwriter can develop the book or story idea in the right direction. If you have an outline, that is great but if you don’t, with a clear plot idea, your ghostwriter can create one. This is laying the groundwork for doing a good job with your book project.

Supervise the work of the ghostwriter, whether you blindly trust him or not. Supervision of your work does not translate to not believing in the professionalism of your ghostwriter. You may need to supervise to ensure that you can relate with the plot, and to figure out early any changes you want your ghostwriter to effect on the story. Ensure that there are clear milestones and timelines included in your agreement. That way, you get carried along through the process and are able to ensure that your book is being developed according to your plot or narrative.

The payment stage can seem tough in the first place, but it is not as tough as you think if you follow the proper guideline. Make sure you work with a professional ghostwriter. Pay in installments as the plot develops, and complete the payment when the work is fully done. Ghostwriters receive lump sum payments for books, and not royalties. If you want to create a royalty arrangement with your ghostwriter that would usually be in addition to the initial lump sum payment for the writing. This is not to say that you are required to make the payment in full. Professional ghostwriters will often suggest that you pay the cost in installments as they prioritize client inclusion, support, and convenient payment plans. For these kinds of ghostwriters, getting your book done is as important as getting it done with ease and trust.

Specify a delivery deadline and a deadline to make changes. Remember, it is your book, article or website content. You may want to get it done before a certain time. That is why you have to talk to your ghostwriter about it. A professional ghostwriter should be able to keep to deadlines and turn your work around as per the agreed time.

Read your proposal and change what you consider inappropriate. When the ghostwriter delivers your work on a set milestone, your duty is to do an in-depth reading of it. Review it without haste, check that there are no errors and tell him or her openly what you think can be improved. This review period is also a perfect time to add some brushstrokes and more details.

Remember that a job will only go well if you find the right professionals to do it. At Prudent Pens, we are building confidentiality and trust into the ghostwriting process. We strive to create quality work and deliver the best possible writing on every project. We provide contracts and proposals along the way with multiple reviews and interview time that are all aimed at helping you get the best out of your book or other writing project. If you are looking to hire a professional ghostwriter, you should speak with our team through the contact form. We can’t wait to see you birth your book.

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