Now That COVID-19 Is Almost Out The Door, What Options Are Available For Businesses?

To say that nothing will be as before is an understatement! The global pandemic COVID19 has broken into our lives, all over the world. The trend towards social distancing has created many upheavals in the way businesses do business. The fact that COVID19 is almost out the door only presents newer challenges. How can businesses hold their heads above water, attract clients and maintain a healthy revenue? What are the options available for business survival? Let’s take a look at the chances open to you to keep your sales funnel working, and to stay in business at times like this.

Take Your Business Online

The impact of the coronavirus on media consumption has been impressive. Isolation has increased the consumption of digital and analog media for all kinds of audiences. News, vertical portals, entertainment, the Internet are our greatest source of information and entertainment right now. You have to bet on being more visible than ever. Your content marketing strategy needs to be revamped in a way that turns it into a sales funnel builder for your products and services.

You need to constantly add value to your audience, improve your content visibility, and reach your potential customers with information that is relevant and valuable to them. That way, you will build trust. Trust for your business translates into repeat clients and referrals. This is the end goal of content marketing and SEO and what you should be aiming for. Invest in sustainable digital campaigns that are effective and that can generate opportunities for you to close sales after the COVID19 state of alarm.

A content marketing strategy from Prudent Pens will do this and much more. With our content marketing tools, your business will enjoy increased and properly targeted visibility that would skyrocket your sales. Now that COVID19 is almost out the door is the precise time to engage content marketing tools for your business success.

Bet On New Business Strategies

If you want to weather the storm and get back on your feet in business like nothing happened, you will need to utilize effective methodologies such as Inbound Marketing which allows you to create strong ties with your clients and keep your results more stable and solid. By implementing an Inbound Marketing strategy in your business, you will achieve greater visibility, define more qualitative KPIs, achieve more competitive benchmarking, reinforce your identity as a company, maximize your digital presence and optimize your Email Marketing strategy, among others. If you aim to achieve better results, this would do it for you. Companies that bet on this type of methodologies generate 54% more sales opportunities than other types of strategies. We have it clear; your company needs Inbound Marketing!

Turn Value into Loyalty

Now is the time to build trust with your customers. Your business needs this right now more than ever. You should continue to offer your customers and clients value and convenience. Notify them of your next actions and your new releases. If you have discounts and promos running, let your clients know because they need any reprieve that they can get. Put some more effort into asserting your company, your product or service, your success stories, and your experiences. Reminding your customers that there is something of value on offer at your company will make them stick with you and can generate new revenue for you in these trying times. This is an essential part of your content marketing strategy. The end goal is to maintain a relationship with your customers that turns into brand loyalty.

Send Optimistic Messages To Your Customers

Your customers are a big part of the framework of your business. At times of uncertainty like this, they need all the reassurance that they can get. We are all in need of optimistic and enthusiastic messages right now. Every day we go out to applaud the different professionals who take care of us, who guarantee us food, and who protect us. We do not stop sharing videos and memes that make us smile. The same goes for your clients. Why not think about offering humor notes? What about sharing your emotions with them through your offerings? Why not offer them a smile and reasons to smile? As COVID is finally on its way out, your customers would certainly be happy to share some humanity with someone that they patronize. Shared penalties are more bearable!

Perhaps, the most viable option available to businesses right now is content marketing targeted at driving new revenue. Businesses need to reevaluate their content marketing funnels and content marketing tools. The most effective way to do that is to hire a content marketing agency. The agency will help you achieve your content marketing goals by enhancing your content marketing tools and utilizing content marketing b2b where appropriate.

A content marketing agency like Prudent Pens can help you transition smoothly to post pandemic life by ensuring that your sales funnel builder is efficient enough for lead conversions. Our content marketing gurus can help you achieve your content marketing goals and exceed them. We can create your content marketing calendar and be your blog ghostwriter. We can help you with a content marketing strategy that works. With content marketing and SEO and the other business options that we have discussed so far, your business should bounce back from pandemic state in no time.

The pandemic has been a relentless destroyer of physical companies, and it will forever change the way we relate to and interact with each other. No doubt, the impact on our lives has been enormous. It has been predicted that the result of the coronavirus will be astounding. New businesses and new ways of working will appear. People will sit down and reevaluate what is really important to them. What to keep and what to remove will be constant questions. At times like this, our aim as an agency is to keep your business on top of your customers’ minds, and to help you retain a place among what’s important to them in the life after COVID.

If you need to map out a path for your business post COVID, reach out to us and let’s create a content marketing strategy that is specifically designed to help you achieve your goals. Your business success is our priority.

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