Our Top Christmas Reading Picks for the COVID Year

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Yea!!! It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is only days away! We have compiled the ultimate list of books you should read this season!! And guess what? We have two of ours in the collection!!! Yea, that’s right. So if you want Christmas reads that light up your mood just like the season, check out our list of must read Christmas books for you.

The Christmas Cookie Collection by Lori Wilde

This book is a collection of five amazing Christmas stories. Although there is a series, this book is a standalone. It features five women who founded the First Love Cookie Club and gives us a personal insight into their Christmas. The book reflects an all warm, gooey Christmas from start to finish.

A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas

Like The Christmas Cookie Collection, this book is a standalone. It also has a series, the Wallflower series. However, you can read this book without reading the others in the series. The book is short, sweet and absolutely adorable. It takes place in the Regency era so there’s all that wonderful historical goodness. Enjoy your Christmas with this lovely read.

Alex and His Surly Covid Christmas by Precious Oheji

When Alex heard over the radio that Santa may have tested positive to the coronavirus, he was shattered. He could not stay back in school long enough to participate in the carols. His day only got worse when he skipped school as a result and heard that Santa visited his school that day. Now, he didn’t see Santa or get a gift and was still spanked by his father for missing school. Christmas couldn’t get any worse. Maybe that’s not true, and the tide would turn because Christmas is always joyful.

Our CTO at Prudent Pens gives a sizzling narrative of all the possibilities in this beautiful read. You can read Alex and His Surly Covid Christmas to get a good laugh. Tell us what you think and leave your reviews at the point of purchase.

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday by Milly Johnson

This book is everything Christmas. Family, Forgiveness, Love, Second Chances, all of it in one amazing book. It has three stories in one and there are three different couples. The first couple is not even officially a couple yet, the second are on the cusp of a divorce, and the third are a steady couple going away for the holiday. Their lives take a turn when all three couples are trapped. Go read it to find out what happens, and how that Christmas affects their lives for the better.

Flip into Christmas by Keefe Ammons

In this lovely book, Kam ensures that everyone around him gets a Christmas gift by making personal sacrifices when Santa doesn’t arrive with the gifts. Co-authored by our CEO, this book comes with a promise of enhancing your mood with language akin to the book’s Chicago setting. Flip into Christmas reminds us of the gift giving nature of the season.

A Christmas to Remember

This book is a Christmas anthology co-authored by Lisa Kleypas, Lorraine Health, Megan Frampton and Vivienne Lorret. Each story is set in the regency era and the book has a touch of variety that makes you want more.

If you are thinking about the perfect way to get set for Christmas, these books will quickly get you in the right mood. You will relish every moment. When you do, make sure that you let us know. We hope you enjoy them and scour for more Christmas books to binge on! Enjoy the holidays and stay safe!

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