Write Faster: Here is How

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For so many writers, speed is a priority. Writers are continually worried about how to get more writing done and hit milestones faster. The smartest ones realize that being able to do this has got to do with their writing speed. As a result, they are constantly looking for ways to accelerate their writing. If this is you, we have got you covered.

Here’s some of the best advice on increasing your writing speed.

Write a plan

Preparation does not have to be complex. It often takes a few minutes to create an outline. Take the time to plan your writing. Organizing better often means saving considerable time.

When you write your plan:

✓You can spot obvious faults or problems. You gain clarity and are better able to approach the subject properly. Creating an outline makes your eventual writing turn out differently because it was well thought-out.

✓Your subconscious immediately begins to come up with ideas for each point. Once you get started writing, the words come more easily. The clarity you gain from creating an outline flows into writing your piece.

✓Your entire project looks much easier to manage. Creating an outline provides you more ease as you have broken the project down into small steps.

Creating an outline is planning where you want to go with your subject. When you write, knowing where you’re headed will keep you motivated. It’s easy to keep writing when you know the exact number of items you have to tackle.

Remove distractions

Reducing interruptions helps a lot because distractions are a major hurdle in the writing process. Here’s what they can look like:

You decide that you really need to tidy up your desk before you start writing.

When you stumble across words and phrases, instead of staying focused, you open your email history to find something exciting. You know what that leads to right? You linger longer in your inbox.

After the first 200 words painfully aligned, you click on a link that leads to a fun video on YouTube or a blog post that you wanted to read. An hour later, you wonder where your time has gone.

You go back to work, but an advertisement for cheap laptops arrives in your mailbox and catches your eye instantly.

You can easily spend the entire day distracted and end up getting very little of your work done.

Set a timer

You can use timers to help you stay focused. When you know that you only have twenty, thirty or forty-five minutes, you are able to stay focused. Time can easily slip away but when you use a timer, you become aware of how much time has dissipated and you are better able to concentrate. This can also keep you from succumbing to the temptation to check your emails or engage in some other activity that always saps your time. Remember that whatever it is can wait until the end of your writing time.

You can also take short regular breaks in between your writing if it feels overwhelming. For example, you can write for twenty-five minutes, and take a five minutes break or whatever timeframes work for you. This tactic will help you gain efficiency and concentrate on your writing while you are at it. This helps you manage your energy and conditions you to write more in less time.

Don’t hold yourself down

When you write, you are creating something. You line up words on a blank page, and tell a story, explain an idea, write a scene, describe an atmosphere, a landscape, and so much more. There’s no need to make the task even more difficult than it should be. Don’t demand instant perfection.

When you feel you have gotten to a finish line, you can start proofreading. You can check if your paragraphs are in the correct order, if you need to add more transitions, and so on. You can rephrase awkward or confusing sentences. It’s good to change your mind and restart a sentence if you need to. The important thing is to get things done every time.

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